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Dear Eagle,
Welcome to Greece!

This trip will take you out of your comfort zone. Our wish to you is
to make the most out of it!
You will be exposed to some of the most beautiful and unseen
corners of our country. These are the places that we travel since
we were kids. We will guide you to experience Greece at its fullest.
Through the idea of studying while traveling, we aim to help you
cultivate the skill of adaptability and of understanding. Nowadays,
our professional lives can become quite demanding. They require
us to travel and work in different environments, calling us to be
flexible and focused.
This trip will challenge and help you develop your adaptability
skills, while being open to change and productive.
Our main priority is to make sure that you travel safe and that
you attend your classes, while traveling. Yet, our mission is that
on top of these, you will have fun, explore, learn and that you will
make lifelong friendships.
Be curious/ Be humble/ Be brave/ Be an explorer
The Get Lost Team

Important numbers

Get Lost Team
Angeliki Vaxevanaki – Managing Director
+306937814204 /
Kostas Giannakou – Operations Director
+306945604376 /

Giorgos Giannoulis - Host Manager

+306948437490 /
Sotiris Papaleonidopoulos – Chief Captain

ERAU Professors

Les Westbrooks westb89d@erau.ed
Farshid Azadian

Mitch Geraci -

Jennifer Wojton -

Money during the trip


The safest option to buy Euros will be at the local bank.
All of the destinations have ATMs but not necessarity a bank.
We strongly recommend that you exchange most of them while in Athens or prior to your arrival, as it will be difficult to visit a bank during open hours.
Bank in Greece: Open, Monday - Friday 08:00 - 14:00

Approximate Currency Exchange

1 Euro =
1.13 US Dollars


In most of the islands and mainlands villages that we are travelling, credit cards are not the most common used transaction mean when it comes to small amount purchases. You will need cash and there will usually be an ATM to withdraw. Nevertheless, the exchange rate will always vary based on the bank. We suggest you always have both with you and ask at the counter.

Credit Card

Credit Card
Have you notified your bank that you will be travelling abroad for almost a month? Prevent getting your card locked! Are you aware of withdraw charges & the conversion rate through other banks?

Check & Choose

During the summer, due to the touristic season, prices fluctuate from place to place. Try to check a couple of places before and feel free to ask the Get Lost Team!

Below you will find prices to expect visiting Greece

Coca Cola: 1.45€

Ice Cream: 2 € / scoop

Beer in bars: 5 €

1lt Milk: 2.5 €

Water Bottle: 0.50 €

Cappuccino: 3.80 €

Souvlaki: 2.80 €

Greek Salad: 6.50 €




XE Currency
Currency FX

Necessary documents

(An additional scanned copy is also good to have)

(Necessary for discounts & the Acropolis)


Meeting Point
Sofitel Hotel
Ground Floor Cafe / Restaurant

Address: Athens International Airport, Spata 190 19
300ft opposite to your arrival terminal

A Get Lost represenative will wait for you there. She / He will be easy to spot: Just look for the person wearing a Get Lost T-Shirt & Hat. In case of emergency contact our Get Lost phone +306945604376 or our WhatsApp group.

Bus departure: 14h00
Our Prepaid bus will pick you up and take you to the supermarket for supplies and then to Kalamaki Marina.


Meet a Get Lost rep
at Sofitel airport ground floor
bar restaurant

Hazards, Safety & Tips


Like Florida the Greek Sun is strong. It can dehydrate, burn your skin, exhaust and tire you. Especially when at sea or during activities like hiking, snorkeling or sailing.


The Greek archipelago is one of the safest seas in the world. No dangerous marine life. The only thing to be cautious about is sea urchins on shallow rocky waters - they do not move so they are easy to avoid. In case you step on a sea urchin, rub some olive oil in the affected area. Let it rest and then remove the spikes with tweezers. ALWAYS double Check when you dive in unknown waters. Either from a cliff or the boat. NEVER dive head first. If the waters are shallow you might get seriously damaged.


Summer is the best time for party. A few things that you need to be aware: Cheap alcohol usually means bad quality. It can seriously ruin your night, definitely your next morning and even send you to the hospital! Drinking & driving is seen very often in Greece. Pay extra attention when crossing junctions or walking on the side of the road, especially in the islands!


Actually, this is not the case in Greece. If you are lost, looking for directions, local tips, or the coolest things to do in an area, in Greece it is normal to ask strangers for information. Greeks are very hospitable humans, kind of loud and expressive. If you encounter one and their English is poor, just be creative. They will try to help you, no matter what!


Coffee in Greece is a cultural thing. Long way before Starbucks, Greeks were enjoying iced coffee. It’s a daily habit. It is very common for Greeks to meet for “a quick coffee”, chat and play backgammon.


The coffees we strongly recommend you are:

  • Freddo Cappuccino – Iced Cappuccino

  • Freddo Espresso – Iced Espresso

  • Frappe - easy to make it yourself on the boat – Iced instant coffee

  • Greek coffee - ask a local granny to teach you or just order it in a coffee shop

Food in Greece is DIVINE. In most Greek tavernas, the food is homemade. To allocate the best Greek Tavern check were locals eat most and the fried potatoes. If the potatoes are pre fried, that means that the food is not going to be so traditional or good. If the fried potatoes, look uneven and not pre fried, that means that the food is delicious and its worth your shot! Sharing is caring in Greece. When dining we tend to order a lot of plates, put them in the middle of the table and share. That way, you not only get the chance to taste more dishes, but food becomes a ritual among friends and anexperience to share!


Local street food. A pita, tzatziki
(yoghurt sauce with cucumber & garlic), onions, gyros (chicken or pork) and

Stuffed tomatoes with rice and spices

Layers of sautéed aubergine, minced lamb, fried puréed tomato, onion, garlic and spices like cinnamon and allspice, a bit of potato, then a final fluffy topping of béchamel sauce and cheese.

Courzet Balls (Kolokythokeftedes) and
Tomato Balls (Tomatokeftedes)

Stuffed Grape Leaves

Deep fried Cheese

Greek Fava Dip:
Yellow Split Pea 

Feta cheese with honey

Greek Salad (Horiatiki)

Homemade Spinach Pie
Cheese Pie,
Greens Pie

Fresh Fish


Kalamari (fired or grilled)

Ask your professors and the Get Lost team for more tips and recipes!

What to pack?


You will spend 14 days sailing.
Sail boats have limited space.

6 days in Zagorohoria and high altitude.
It can get kind of cold.

4 days in Athens, Aegean Airlines,
working with executives.

You will need a soft & a hard case luggage.
This requires some SMART PACKING!



Temperatures: 59°F - 68°F
We might experience some rain during the sailing trip


Temperatures: 75°F - 85°F
We might experience some rain in the Mountains



Sail trip duration: 2 Weeks
Not allowed to walk barefoot during sailing (safety rule)
Possibility of rain or water splashing because of waves
Laundry facilities in the Marinas.
Limited electricity at times.
Limited Space
Limited Internet


We are going to stay in the mountains for a week
We are going to hike and rafting
We might get wet, in case of rain
Laundry: We are not going to have laundry in the mountains.
We are going to take a flight from Ioannina Airport to Athens
(Luggage limit 23kg – if overweight there is going to be an extra charge)

Aegean Workshops:

We are going to attend workshops for 4 days
We are going to be in an airline business environment,
working with high executives


Soft bag
Bag Pack for the hikes and exploration to the islands.
Waterproof jacket
Hoodie or warm layer
Sports shoes for the sailing part & hiking
High socks for your hikes
Swim Suit
Appropriate attire for the workshops
Hat, hat, hat!! No one likes a painful heatstroke
European Plug Converter
Thermo/ Water Bottle


Bring an External Phone Battery
Unlock your phone for European SIM
Hiking Pole

Life on a boat


Prior to the trip Captains & Get Lost Team will brief you analytically about the life on board and safety rules.


Safety is a priority. When on board there is only one rule. Always follow your captains’ orders. SHARE YOUR MUSIC VIBES Boats are equipped with CD players, USB ports & AUX cords. If you happen to play a music instrument (and we are not talking about piano here) feel free to bring it with you and jam with us during the journey.


Are you obsessed with time? We are very sorry to inform you that when on a sailboat, time is relative. Strong winds might take us on our destination faster and no winds might cause delays. A tangled anchor when leaving the marina or just currents against our direction, might affect our EST. Time on a sailing boat runs in two speeds! Calm or no winds - Time to enjoy the sun and the sun, the sea and the company of ship mates.
The wind picks up - Sailing Time (AHOY)


The trip is weather and group dynamic depended. Weather might require us to change plans or destinations. Your class might be rescheduled for another time, but it will happen.


There is 4G internet routers on the boats with limited GB so to facilitate your homework. Since its 4G there are times that we might be in the midst of the sea or in a secluded cove that reception might be poor. For those who want to be constantly connected so to instantly feed their social media, video call family, friends, pets you might choose to disconnect and carpe diem. Yet, if this makes you blue, we recommend you unlock your phone from home and buy a local SIM card or contact your phone provider and add an international plan to your contract.


Water is not unlimited and everyone needs to be conscious of the usage. Don’t spoil it and try to think of the others in the boat. A few things to follow along the trip:Don’t leave the water running while you are washing the dishes, your teeth or during your shower. Rinse, wash and then rinse again. Hot water is not unlimited either!


While travelling and especially during sailing or hiking, food is a very important factor for your stamina and your mood. While exposed to the sun for many hours the consumption of vegetables, fruits and water are crucial. Try to have many small snacks and hydrate as much as possible. Nuts, bananas, apples, energy bars, peanut butter/tahini on bread, sandwiches, tomatoes, salads are smart ingridients you can easily buy from the islands, store in the boat and consume on board as light snacks. Explore the local ingredients and always ask at the market about what’s fresh.


In every island there are local markets and grocery stores. Every port has at least one in which you can buy all your necessary provisions. Try to align with your crew and buy some commune ingridients such as salt, olive oil, coffee/tea etc. Keep the balance and split it equally between you! A great free, smartphone application for keeping balances is splitwise. The alternative would be the old good notebook!


Back home the process is: open, decide and choose! In a sailing boat it’s decide, open, choose. Keeping the temperature of a fridge in a sailing boat is crucial and the fridge door has to be opened and closed quickly. Mark your personal items with a marker and respect your fellows personal space in the fridge. Keep that precious sandwich safe and fresh!


All the water you drain goes into the sea. That means that you need to be aware of where you are. Be aware of the swimmers. Follow the captain rules and everyone will be happy!


Respecting yourself means to respect others! Clean after your usage, your personal items and then everything else will be easier for everyone. A sailing boat is a small space and not keeping the space tidy can create tension, loss of items and an angry captain. Follow his rules, the evenly distributed cleaning rota for the commune spaces and take care of your personal belongings and utensils.


Fact Nr 1! There is no microwave on a sailing boat. Ready meals are not an option but fast and easy recipes are an even better and healthier alternative! Follow some of them on the Get Lost cookbook at the end of the guide and ask for more ideas while on board. Use the local ingredients of each destination and explore new recipes. Since there is only one kitchen o the boat the rule is that we collaborate and share. Decide altogether on a menu that everyone is happy and allocate responsibilities on cooking, cutting, serving and cleaning. We always clean right after dinner based on the captains rules and we never cook while sailing! A sailors’ advice: Dip the utensils with a net in the sea water behind the boat. The salty water with a bit of motion rinses perfectly and then a quick wash with soap under the sink is better than your dishwasher back home!
In the fishes language it’s called a feast!


NEVER throw it in the toilet.
The pipes immediately block and the
water rises straight back. It will cause
serious damage.

Captains rules!

NO Alcohol is allowed 12 hours before sail.

ALWAYS follow your captains’ instructions.

Wear closed toe shoes at all times, when sailing.
No one likes an injured little toe!

Protect from a heatstroke: Wear hat and sunscreen at
all times and do not forget to Hydrate.
Sometimes if it is windy, you might not feel the heat of the Sun. And then, you look like a lobster, your head is ready to break and in worst case scenario you might end up with fever.

Never dive from the boat when the engine is on. Like in airplanes being close to the propeller is extremely

Seasick or Nausea: Stay on the cockpit / do not go at the interior of the vessel/ look away on the horizon /
ask the steering wheel from your captain
(best remedy)

Beware of entanglements! During sailing, long hair is recommended to be tied and jewelry are recommended to be taken off.

Never stand on ropes or wrap them around your hands.

Keep your hands and fingers clear of the winches or between boats.

When wavy, hold onto a steady part of the boat.

Don’t carry valuables (phone, wallet etc.) in your pocket as they may be lost overboard.

NEVER dive from the boat, unless ALL vessels of the Get Lost Flotilla are moored Securely.

Your captain will give a very thorough safety brief prior to your trip. Make sure you will listen from end to end, and do not hesitate to make any questions.

Sailing itinerary is subject to change according to weather conditions and group dynamics. These parameters will define the number of islands we will visit. There is a possibility to visit an island that is not included in the travel guide, in case the weather requires to change our course.

In case the wind is stronger than 26 knots, we are staying moored. Although Greek Marine Law allows sailing at any weather conditions and does not impose a wind power limit, in Get Lost we have a 26 knots limitation, in order all participants to have a pleasant sailing experience.

SUMMER A:  1st Monday in February unless the program deadline noted differently

SUMMER B: 1st Monday in March unless the program deadline noted differently