We live in a fast-paced world. Traveling has become an essential part of most occupations. 
Professionals of all kinds are required to travel more and more, in order to connect, network and collaborate 
while at the same time they need to perform daily tasks. This is not an easy challenge!

We sail every other day to a new destination. In between, we explore the magnificent Greek isles. 
On top of these amazing adventures, we need to create downtime and offer classes so for the academics goals to be achieved.

This program organically trains students to prepare, 
adapt and perform in demanding working environments where traveling is essential.


Sailing Life and photos

Activities perigrafes kai photo (Rafting, subwing, sup, yoga, hikes, snorkeling)

Traveling is one of the most important experiences that human beings need to have. 
Traveling not only allows us to explore other places but takes us out of our comfort zone,

helping us to become braver. 
We put things into perspective by comparing our worlds with others. 
Traveling helps us build cultural sensitivity, which is a key in our globalized world.

Our planet is our home. 
We all have an inborn affiliation with nature and an inner need to a meaningful connection with her. 
Being close to nature helps us nurture our mind, body, and soul.

We design trips that help you enjoy the outdoors. 
Enjoying the serene sounds of the waves when moored on a secluded cove, 
or watching the milky way on a mountain cabin after your hike, whatever our activities and programs, 
nature immersive nature’s immersive experience is our priority. 

Adventure makes us less "sterilized". By its nature, adventure puts us out there

and helps our minds work in the here and now, making us sharper. 
Immersing ourselves in unknown territory

allows us to immediately recognize an internal shift in our confidence level. 
By placing ourselves in a situation where things may not go as planned, 
it helps us learn to better cope with the inevitable challenges and uncertainties in life.

Education enriches our lives. Learning new things while improving and expanding, 
our knowledge horizons not only sharpens us but cultivates attitude, confidence, and character. 
We value academic and non-academic education and through our activities, we try to merge the latter, 
so participants can earn soft and hard skills through positive reinforcement and experiential learning. 
Through our influence, we aim to create better people.

Humans are social beings. Without connection, there is a sense of loneliness and isolation. 
Our trips bring people together and allow them to connect through meaningful experiences.

Friendships are a vital and enhancing part of life. Without friends, we are isolated and alone. 
They have to be cultivated and nurtured through meaningful experiences.
Our trips are the perfect foundation for strengthening

already existing relationships and creating new ones. 
As we expose you to the most beautiful corners of the

planet and provide you with intense immersive experience 
through the involvement of fun, exploration, and adventure friendships are cultivated.

SUMMER A:  1st Monday in February unless the program deadline noted differently

SUMMER B: 1st Monday in March unless the program deadline noted differently